Our Mission Strategy

Mission Partners Platform

Collaboration + Finances + People + Encouragement

= Increased Mission Activity

MPP Works to Increase Mission Activity ...

  1. As a Catalyst for Collaboration bringing disciples of Jesus, ministries, and needs/opportunities together by bridging gaps in finances, people, and communication by Organization and Planning (on a single platform).
  2. Through Finances ... adding capacity by bridging gaps in finances by carefully stewarding and wisely sharing God’s gifts for Kingdom expansion.
  3. Through People ... increasing their number (recruitment) and capacity (growth and maturity) for mission activities through a better understanding of and commitment to our missionary God and a study of conservative, biblical theology (great theology begets freedom and creativity or openness to the Holy Spirit’s missional moving).
  4. Encouraging through Communication and Celebration of missional kingdom work that is taking place under the Holy Spirit’s influence and blessing.