Our Vision


Why would anyone run into the fire? The corrupting power of sin, like a fire, consumes our society.  It is said that there are two types of people, those who run away from a burning building and those who run toward the fire.  Those who run away have given up hope; fear and self-preservation define their lives.  Those who run into the fire have confidence that their lives will make a difference.  They are willing to risk all so that some might be saved.

Too often, today's Christian churches are paralyzed with fear at the raging fire that consumes our culture and changes our world.  Too often, the Christian churches that are not paralyzed flee to their fortresses.  They drown out the cries of those perishing with endless debates about liturgies and theologies.

Mission Partners Platform (MPP) is a gathering of individuals, ministries, and mission organizations committed to running into the fire that is consuming our society to bring God’s powerful, loving message of salvation to the lost.  We are committed because we know our Heavenly Father longs for all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of salvation found in Jesus.  We are committed to overcoming the fire by changing lives with the gospel.

A Statement of Purpose

Mission Partners Platform is focused on increasing local, national, and international mission activity that God’s lost children might be restored to the Heavenly Father. We believe that there are three issues which hinder mission activity:

  1. Most mission initiating groups operate in a vacuum.  Most mission agencies developed from a small group of individuals focused on a specific people group or a specific mission opportunity.  The lack of collaboration has resulted in a duplication of work and missed opportunities to expand mission initiatives.
  2. Most mission initiating groups were developed twenty or more years ago.  They have an aging support base and, most often, an aging leadership team.  While the opportunities for mission work abound, many of mission groups recognize that they face the significant challenge of connecting to a younger support base, as well as the pressing need for succession planning.
  3.  In most cases, the cost of doing ministry has increased dramatically, both nationally
    and internationally.  At the same time, with changes in the tax laws and the aging donor base, resources are diminishing.  To support vibrant mission agencies, there needs to be access to training materials, donor development, resources, and missional experiences.